Baguette Bears Learns the colours – Paperback edition




An award winning book … Baguette bear is being mischievous today! Where is he and what is he painting?
Look for Baguette bear in this fun, interactive, bilingual story for children and learn the colours in French and English whilst discovering the mystery of the whereabouts of the sac surprise!
Included in this book is a special Baguette bear magical code also. With this code you will be able to download FREE activities, to complete, all especially created for this book.
This range is ideal for preschool children, pre-teen, kids aged 1-10yrs, toddlers and Primary school children.

Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen for Readers’ Favorite.

Baguette Bear Learns the colours by Alison Mcrobbie is an educational children’s book about a bear named Baguette. Baguette is making a painting, but suddenly he goes missing … I really enjoyed reading Baguette Bear Learns the colours by Alison Mcrobbie. The book is very educational and teaches young readers how to say many things in French, for example, it teaches phrases like “where are you?” as well as how to say colours in French. The book is a fun way to learn French, because it has likeable characters and is interactive. The book is well written. It would also be great in schools where they learn French, because colours and basic questions are something children would learn. The illustrations are very colorful and help to depict each scene very well. I liked that the back of the book provides a code so the young reader can go onto a website and complete activities. The book is well developed and thought out. I would definitely recommend this book to all young readers.

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